Deacons Ministry: Deacon Dennis Hogges

Assists the Pastor in carrying out the functions of the church.

Deacon's Wives Ministry: Juanita Smith

Supports and assists their husbands in their performance of communion and maintains the upkeep of God’s house.

Rental Facilities Ministry: Sarah Leek and Sharee Aaron Harrell

The point of contact when clients rent our facilities for various purposes.

Shepherd's Care Ministry: Shynita Patterson Askew

Provides support for the Pastor as well as makes sure the needs of special guests are met.

Hospitality Ministry: Henrietta Fields and Barbara Sanders

Welcomes parishoners with a hug, handshake or a smile. Also acts as hosts/hostesses for special programs, workshops, or other functions within the church.

Ushers Ministry: Siedra Pitts

Helps to keep harmony and pleasantry during the Worship Experience.

The Connection Cafe: Valerie Gibson & Von Steps, Managers

Located in our Administration Building, The Connection Cafe is a place where you can go on Wednesdays and Sundays, before and after Worship, to purchase coffee, snacks, and fellowship with other parishoners.