At Lundy Chapel, we believe in ministering to the total man. We have over 30 ministries that are specifically designed to minister to your spirit, your mind, your soul, and your physical health. There is room for everyone to serve and be served - whether you enjoy singing, dancing, playing sports, working with technology, working with children, going out into the community, or even if you just like to greet and hug people - there is room for you here at The Chapel. Our ministries are grouped into five categories.


These ministries are actively involved with strengthening the family unit. Here, you will find ministries geared toward children & youth, couples, and singles.


These ministries make it their mission to see about the homeless, the sick, and witness to the world about the goodness of Jesus Christ. These ministries are also about enjoying life and having clean and wholesome fun.


These ministries are designed to make sure the believer has a clear understanding of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. The Plan of Salvation is taught, and from there structured curriculum of God's Word is implemented.


These ministries collectively serve the people of God with a spirit of excellence. They meet the needs of God's people with a sincere heart and a warm hug or smile.


These ministries collectively come together to present a sacrifice of worship to God on Sunday mornings, Wednesday evenings, or at other designated Worship Experiences - be it through song, dance, prayer, or from behind the scenes in production.